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The P2131 can be ready to process its first load within 50 minutes. Two people can set the system up in 10 minutes. The system can be filled with water in another 10 minutes, and heat-up normally takes 30 minutes.

Sterilizer Main Unit (SMU) = 295 lbs
Water Recovery System (WRS) = 170 lbs
Sterilizer Water Softener (SWS) = 50 lbs
Accessory Bag = 17 lbs (stored inside SMU for transport)

Potable water must be used in the sterilizer per FDA requirements.

No. Air is the enemy of effective sterilization. Gravity cycles do not remove the air within the chamber or tray/container very effectively. The P2131 sterilizer is a pre and post vacuum sterilizer that enables proper conditioning of the load prior to the exposure phase.

No. Since most liquids/solutions are now provided in sterile packages, the need to have this capability is very low. Also, FDA requirements on steam sterilizers that process liquids are now very stringent. Normally, specialized design features are required to meet these requirements and these devices are most commonly used with pharmaceutical type sterilizers.

No. In order to reduce cycle times, only 270°F (132°C) cycles are provided.

No. The WRS is an essential component of the P2131 system since it pulls the vacuum required for the conditioning phases. The WRS also includes the steam trap which is critical for steam flow and temperature control. One WRS is dedicated to one Sterilizer Main Unit (SMU).

No. The P2131 sterilizer was FDA-cleared with the SWS as a critical component of the system. Keeping minerals and particulate out of the system is critical to reliable and effective operation.

Yes. Our electrical distribution panel will control power to two P2131 sterilizers. Please reference the Other Products section of our website. Please contact FDI for more information (865-408-0100 or sales@fortdefianceind.com).

Yes. The current design is set for 208V 3P, but we can provide units with other electrical requirements. Please contact FDI for more information (865-408-0100 or sales@fortdefianceind.com).

No. The P2131 sterilizer passed all of the UL and IEC electrical safety codes for sterilizers, which included voltage sags and surges (+-10%). The unit does not have an internal surge suppressor. If this is a concern, we suggest managing this upstream at the electrical distribution panel. This strategy keeps the weight down on the sterilizer and also can protect two sterilizers versus just one.

Yes. The unit will be shipped in a wooden crate capable of stacking two high. For safety reasons, we do not recommend stacking the Sterilizer Main Unit (SMU) or the Water Recovery System (WRS) once unpacked from the wooden crate.

No. Since the sterilizer is fully automated and the WRS provides the vacuum capacity for the conditioning and drying phases, one WRS needs to provide these utility functions to only one SMU. Also, the WRS for the P2131 sterilizer is much different than the older WRS units currently in the field for use with the 2151 Big Bertha sterilizers. They may look similar on the outside, but the internal components and functions are quite different.

Yes. Please contact FDI for more information (865-408-0100 or sales@fortdefianceind.com).

Yes. The P2131 sterilizer has programmable custom cycles to allow the user to increase both exposure time and dry time. These cycles have not been validated or cleared by the FDA. Please note that the FDA highly recommends that programmable cycles be used for research purposes, therefore the user accepts all risks associated with the use of these custom cycles.

Yes. We have a private YouTube channel that can only be accessed with weblink or QR code. We have this information highlighted in our Technical Manual. As they become available, we will upload helpful and instructive operational and maintenance videos to this site.

Yes. We provide training which we can conduct at our factory or at a location of your choosing. Please contact FDI for more information (865-408-0100 or sales@fortdefianceind.com).

We are a full service company and we are ready to provide any and all replacement parts and perform any service or repair work as needed.

Yes. Please contact FDI for more information (865-408-0100 or sales@fortdefianceind.com).

Absolutely. Please contact FDI to receive a copy of our warranty (865-408-0100 or sales@fortdefianceind.com).