Electrical Distribution Panels


Electrical Distribution Panel with Connectors
(P/N: SAF-001, NSN: 6120-01-555-6861)

Electrical Distribution Panel without Connectors
(P/N: SAF-002, NSN: 6120-01-542-4965)

The FDI Electrical Distribution Panel is a lightweight mobile power panel used within military field hospitals to safely control and distribute power to various pieces of medical equipment.

The SAF-001 is the model used with the FDI P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer and has been used on the Portable Oxygen Generator (NSN: 6530-01-5833-4481).

The SAF-002 has historically been used with the 1967-designed “Big Bertha” gravity steam sterilizer (NSN: 6530-00-926-2151).


Quick Facts:
  • These panels feature two 30 amp output cords for the 60 amp main power input, allowing users to safely energize two pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Long-lasting red LED lights on the interior of the box indicate when power is energized to either of the output cords
  • Square D circuit breakers are used to turn on the power and feature a red trip indicator
  • SAF-001 features two Class L MIL-C-22992 receptacles at the end of both 30-foot SOOW output cords
  • SAF-002 features two unterminated 30-foot SOOW output cords