Field Medical Equipment

At FDI, innovation means new capability in the hands of the medical warfighter.

Engineered, manufactured, and certified to ISO medical device standards

Designed to ensure effective, reliable operation in austere environments.

Makers of the water distribution systems used by the U.S. Army for their modernized field hospitals.


P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer

The P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer is the only FDA-cleared pre-vacuum steam sterilizer designed specifically for austere environments. This ruggedized medical field autoclave can sterilize 36 lb of surgical instruments per load and process 100 loads with only 10 gallons of water. Rigorously tested to ensure high reliability, the P2131 is the clear choice for your field sterilization needs in a remote area environment.

Potable Water & Wastewater Management System for Field Use

FDI’s military-grade Field Water Systems are a group of assemblies whose components form a potable water distribution and wastewater management system for field use.  Our systems are utilized throughout the U.S. military and can be configured to serve a wide range of applications in the field.

Recent News

Canada P2131 Maintenance Training, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

Fort Defiance Industries (FDI) was pleased to travel to Canada to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with Maintenance Training on their P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizers. Canada is investing in state-of-the-art equipment like the P2131 sterilizer for their Field...

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2nd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium, San Diego, CA

Fort Defiance Industries (FDI) attended the 2nd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium in San Diego, CA. This symposium brought together medical professionals from across the services to discuss advancements in military medical care. The focus was on the current and...

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Fort Defiance Industries LLC Serves Military Field Hospitals
Military Field Hospitals

Our men and women in the armed forces need to know that they have medical devices available that are dependable regardless of the conditions. 

Fort Defiance Industries LLC Serves Disaster Relief Operations
Disaster Relief Operations

Every second counts with disaster relief. The FDA-cleared P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer is perfectly suited for rapidly deployed disaster relief operations.

Fort Defiance Industries LLC Serves Remote Area Clinics
Remote Area Clinics

FDA-cleared P2131 Steam Sterilizer is the best choice for those organizing and deploying medical equipment into remote areas all over the world.

Fort Defiance Industries LLC Serves Military Field Hospitals

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