Successful SOFEX Exhibition in Amman, Jordan

SOFEX presented FDI with a considerable opportunity to introduce the Middle Eastern markets to the P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer. Official delegations and potential local partners alike enthusiastically embraced the P2131’s concept, one of offering hospital-quality sterilization in the field environment, and were impressed with both the flexibility of the system and its potential applications. Founded in 1996 by His Majesty King Abdullah II, The Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference continues to grow with each edition and is acquiring paramount ranking amongst specialized global defense exhibitions.

SOFEX provides an ideal platform to present new and innovative equipment to deliver swift, decisive and effective solutions, that will help decision makers maintain the security and safety in their countries, regions and around the world. “Large multi-national corporations and small start ups a like were offered equal opportunity to demonstrate and present their products to an international audience of potential clients” said Sebastian Ward, FDI’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “It was great to see such an internationally diverse community of nations come together and exchange ideas regarding global security and defense, as well as foreign aid and relief”

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