FDI Enters South Korean Distributor Agreement

Fort Defiance Industries continues its worldwide expansion by signing a distributor agreement with South Korean FINE CNS. The exclusive agreement covers the distribution of our Automated Field Steam Sterilizers and accessory products throughout South Korea. It aims to provide U.S. Allies in the region with the latest medical technology for the field.

They make a cleaner and safer tomorrow through infection control and hygiene management in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and public places through the importation of world class sterilization and decontamination equipment. “This is the perfect partner for us in Korea,” said Sebastian Ward, vice president of sales and marketing at Fort Defiance Industries. “They have the experience, knowledge and the existing industry contacts to allow us to be professionally represented. We are very excited to enter the South Korean market with them.”

Through the agreement, FDI’s products will be available to end-users in the military, as well as to aid organizations providing humanitarian medical aid to war and poverty stricken international regions and provides patients with hospital level sterilization in austere environments. “We are really excited to be a partner of FDI and promote their state-of-the-art Automated Field Steam Sterilizer. We are sure the system will benefit the South Korean Armed Forces and we are glad that it will complement our existing products to grow the business together as a partner.” said Joseph So, Managing Director of FINE CNS.

To learn more about FDI or its products in Korea please contact Joseph So at www.finecns.com or visit www.fortdefianceind.com.