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Military Field Hospitals

The FDA-cleared P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer was originally designed with the medical warfighter in mind. We understand the difficult environments associated with a military field hospital and the demands that are placed on the personnel who transport, set up, operate, and maintain field medical devices. Remote locations often mean resources are scarce and conditions are challenging, but the need to care for combat casualties never changes. We understand the unique requirements necessary for field sterilizers used by military field hospitals.

When duty calls, our men and women in the armed forces need to know that they have medical devices available that are dependable regardless of the conditions. The rugged and reliable P2131 is specifically designed to meet these needs. The simple field autoclave design and automated cycles make it quick and easy to set up and operate, and the P2131 requires minimal maintenance, even in extreme environments. The Water Recovery System helps conserve this precious resource, and its durable design ensures that the P2131 operates reliably with every cycle. For our military medical personnel, this means more time caring for our troops and helping to save lives.

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Disaster Relief Operations

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other disasters can devastate communities and cause life-altering injuries. Medical personnel entering these disaster areas often encounter difficult surroundings with scarce resources and a need to assist the wounded as quickly as possible. In these situations, the risk of secondary infections from poorly sterilized instruments can be high. Every second counts when helping victims of these disasters, and the FDA-cleared P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer is perfectly suited for rapidly deployed disaster relief operations. Its transportability and rugged design allows the P2131 to go wherever needed, and it is rigorously tested to ensure reliable operation. It runs on standard generator power and the Water Recovery System helps conserve the potable water supply, which can be so scarce in disaster locations. The P2131 brings the best in field steam sterilization technology to locations where it is needed most.

Remote Area Medical Clinics

Numerous non-governmental organizations and non-profits are on a mission to help the needy in remote locations all over the world. Access to these sites often requires travel over incredibly rough terrain. The P2131 is ruggedly designed to operate reliably even after “washboard” travel into remote areas. Effective sterilization of instruments and contaminated linens is often a critical requirement in these remote area medical clinics. Since the FDA-cleared P2131 sterilizer can process 100 loads using only 10 gallons of water, it is the best choice by those organizing and deploying medical equipment into these remote areas.

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