P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer

(P/N: P2131, NSN: 6530-01-641-4641)

​The FDA-cleared P2131 Automated Field Steam Sterilizer brings the most up-to-date steam sterilization technology to the austere environment of a field hospital.

Makers of the only FDA-Cleared pre-vacuum steam sterilizer designed for field use.

This autoclave combines the safety and efficacy of micro-processor controlled pre-vacuum 270°F cycles with the ruggedness, portability and reliability required for a variety of harsh environments. Whether the ambient conditions are 40°F at 8,000 feet altitude or 130°F at sea level, the P2131 sterilizer has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure consistent, dependable operation regardless of extreme conditions.

The P2131 can process up to 100 loads using only 10 gallons of potable water, conserving this valuable resource that is often scarce in remote locations. The P2131 also features automated cycles, an easy to setup and use design, and a host of safety features, making it the clear choice for steam sterilization in a field environment.

  • FDA-cleared
  • Meets applicable requirements of ANSI/AAMI ST8:2013
  • Includes an FDA-cleared 10-minute wrapped instrument cycle for complex sets requiring extended exposure times
  • Offers the best in steam sterilization technology with a pre-/post-vacuum dynamic air removal process
  • Reduces water usage and provides the capability to run 100 cycles with only 10 gallons of water


  • Rigorously tested to ensure consistent performance in a variety of austere environments
  • Lightweight and rugged all-welded high strength aluminum alloy construction
  • Simplified design improves maintainability
  • Water softener extends component life and reduces costly downtime


  • Chamber is designed, fabricated, and tested to ASME Section VIII Division I standards
  • Meets applicable requirements of electrical safety standards UL-61010-1 and IEC-61010-2-040
  • Door safety switch prevents cycle-start if the door is not locked
  • Instrumentation and alarms are designed to abort a cycle upon abnormal conditions


  • Fully automated cycles free-up CMS technician time to improve productivity
  • Pre-programmed FDA-cleared cycles include:
    • Immediate use
    • Textiles – Wrapped instruments
    • (4- and 10-minute cycles)
    • Bowie Dick and vacuum leak test
  • Log data at the end of each cycle allows operators to verify critical information


  • Sterilizer Main Unit: The SMU contains a 16” diameter x 36” long (4.2ft3 ) sterilization chamber capable of sterilizing up to 36 lbs of wrapped instruments. Endcaps enclose the unit to protect the chamber door and the rear connection points, as well as creating a self-contained shipping crate. Six handles allow the unit to be transported by 4 to 6 people. Once in position, the endcaps fold down and lock into place to create a stand for the sterilizer.
  • Water Recovery System: The WRS is an essential part of the system, not only recovering water from each cycle but also providing the mechanical means to create the pre-/post-cycle vacuum. The WRS allows the sterilizer to run 14 days, or 100 cycles, without having to add water and it tucks neatly underneath the SMU.
  • Sterilizer Water Softener: The SWS is a critical part of the system that removes the minerals that produce scale buildup on the SMU heating elements and other components. The SWS is equipped with a manual hand pump as a contingency for the lack of a pressurized potable water source.