Portable Water Softener


(P/N: PWS-001, NSN: 6530-01-585-2079)

The FDI Portable Water Softener is designed to remove minerals from hard-water supplies, preventing scale build-up, increasing component life, and decreasing the need for continuous maintenance. This softener was developed for use with the “Big Bertha” gravity steam sterilizers used in military field hospitals. Standard garden hose fittings allow this softener to be used in a wide variety of applications, and these units can be easily regenerated with standard table salt for a lifetime of use.

Note: This unit varies from the Sterilizer Water Softener that is supplied with the P2131 Steam Sterilizer. Though both operate similarly, this unit is not equipped with the Cam-lock system that connects to the P2131’s Water Recovery System. This unit also does not include a manual hand pump for use with non-pressurized water sources.


Quick Facts:
  • Prevents scale build-up, improving component life and reducing maintenance costs
  • Easy to install and simple to use, with standard garden hose connections
  • Lightweight and portable, with an all-welded aluminum alloy protective cart
  • Can be used over and over by simply regenerating the resin using standard table salt
  • Simple, easy-to-read hardness test strips are provided

See also: Water Recovery System for the “Big Bertha” gravity steam sterilizer