What is the Quadriciser?

The Quadriciser is a highly effective Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy System that provides gentle, coordinated movement of all four limbs, making it the ideal continuous motion machine for home, commercial, or military use. It allows for both passive and active therapeutic movement that may be difficult to achieve through other means. Not only does the Quadriciser have restorative potential, but it also helps to prevent complications that can arise from prolonged immobility. If you require movement for therapeutic purposes, the Quadriciser is an excellent option!

(ECAT Contract #: SPE2DH-22-D-0016)


Our Products

We offer multiple Quadriciser units to fit your needs. Please visit the Quadriciser website to learn more.

Adult Quadriciser

Our most popular Quadriciser unit

Wheelchair Unit

Perfect for wheelchair users

Child’s Quadriciser

Great for smaller individuals