Water Recovery System for M-138 “Big Bertha”


(P/N: WRS10-001, NSN: 6530-01-541-4764)

The FDI Water Recovery System (WRS) was initially designed to recover water from the 1967-designed “Big Bertha” gravity steam sterilizer (NSN: 6530-00-926-2151) that has been used in U.S. Combat Support Hospitals. These sterilizers were designed to release steam and condensate into the atmosphere or onto the ground, which resulted in the loss of a valuable resource in many remote austere environments. The WRS captures the steam and condensate in a centralized tank, allowing the water to be pumped back to the sterilizer for reuse. This closed-loop system substantially reduces water consumption, conserving this precious resource. The WRS can service up to two “Big Bertha” sterilizers and is designed to be positioned underneath one unit in order to save space.

Note: This unit cannot be used with FDI’s P2131 Automated Steam Sterilizer. Though both units recover water, this unit is mechanically and electrically different from the WRS that is part of the P2131 sterilizer system.


Quick Facts:WRS_Back_ISO
  • Recovers water from up to two “Big Bertha” gravity steam sterilizers (NSN: 6530-00-926-2151)
  • Reduces water consumption from 2.5 gallons/cycle to less than 1 quart/cycle
  • Stores neatly underneath the “Big Bertha” unit to save space
  • Due to critical design differences, the WRS10-001 is not able to be used with the FDI P2131 sterilizer system.

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