Repair Part Obsolescence & Reverse Engineering


You have often heard the old adage, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” If tasked with maintaining medical equipment, that saying carries a lot more meaning since you have to constantly think ahead so your equipment will run properly over time.
What if your device needs repair parts for a medical device that is no longer supported? Our team at FDI is capable of Reverse Engineering and providing the parts you need. We ensure your parts meet all standards as we help you get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.

The skills and tools we bring to help you overcome repair part roadblocks:

  • 3D printers and are capable of reverse engineering obsolete parts.
  • CNC and manual mills, lathes, rolls, and a variety of equipment produce the parts or assemblies you need.
  • For over 16 years, we have designed and developed innovative equipment and devices for the US DoD and other allied militaries.
  • Experts with military specifications and standards and how to apply them for design, analysis, development, and testing.
  • We perform appropriate and timely risk analysis. We follow our ISO 13485 quality system processes for risk assessment during design and development.

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Repair Part Obsolescene