Repair Parts Supply Chain Management

Repair Part Supply Chain Management
Meeting deadlines and demands of assigned missions is one of the cornerstones of readiness. FDI is able to quickly update necessary parts so you can promptly meet medical equipment challenges as they arise.

We provide a simple solution to meet your medical replacement part needs with ease at one location and have those critical items shipped anywhere around the globe, 24/7/365.

Repair Part Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Stability Analysis

To review and understand the robustness and confidence level of part/device availability.

Supportability / Availability / Obsolescence Analysis

To determine the pros/cons, including the total cost comparison, of whether to continue supporting and using a device or to purchase a newer model from the same or alternate supplier.

Reverse Engineering

To provide obsolete OEM- quality parts through advance manufacturing methods, including 3-D printing.

Alternative Options Analysis

To determine the pros/cons, including a complete review of all essential characteristics and conformance to the requirement, to decide between two or more medical devices.

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