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With armed conflict, natural disasters and humanitarian tragedies occurring regularly, medical professionals are increasingly taking care to patients in austere locations near the place of injury. The light weight, strength, stability, compactness and rapid deployment capability of the Doak Table™ makes it the ideal platform for caregivers in any situation where permanent facilities are not available. The Doak MK4 Portable Surgical Table is used by the U.S.military including Special Operations units, allied militaries and non-governmental organizations worldwide.
Doak MK4 Portable Surgical Table Specifications
  • Portable one-man carry. Table weighs 41 to 45 lbs. depending on model and mission requirements not including optional accessories and wheel sets. Folded dimensions: approximately 41” x 12” x 15”.
  • Unfolds and ready to receive litter in less than 60 seconds, without tools. No assembly required.
  • No loose pieces on the basic table to assemble or be found missing in the field.
  • Supports litter with well over 400 pounds. Litter has been loaded to 600 pounds without damage to table.
  • Litter working height quickly adjustable from 28” to 36” in one-inch increments without tools.
  • Provides Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg position from either end, with up to 15” elevation in one-inch increments in less than five seconds.
  • IV pole mounts built into all four corners of the table.
  • Side rails accept all surgical table accessories that mount on 5/16” x 1 1/8” side rails.
  • Stainless steel tie-downs at each corner, individually rated to approximately 8,000-pound tensile strength.
  • Stationary-use legs with non-skid self-leveling feet are interchangeable with casters and wheels.
  • Stationary legs can be switched to wheels or vice versa without tools in less than 10 seconds per leg.
  • Wheel sets offered for rolling mobility and rolling table with patient and attached equipment on/off aircraft.
  • Table will pass through a 30” doorway (excluding optional side-rail-mounted equipment).
  • Lightweight field surgical table support equipment oered includes stainless steel telescoping IV poles; pole-mounted
    swiveling cantilevered Mayo tray; side-mounted miscellaneous surgical items tray; end-mounted anesthetist’s gear tray; multi-position end-mounted brackets to support a ventilator, vital signs monitor, or other surgical/ anesthetist equipment; contoured multi-position arm boards; antimicrobial-vinyl fluid containment sheet with a stainless steel drain; and folding lower shelf that will support 200+ pounds of equipment and miscellaneous gear.
  • Doak Portable Surgical Tables are deployed by JSOC, Navy, Army SF, USMC and Air Force (AFSOC)
The Doak Table has a broad range of applications from far-forward missions in foreign lands to domestic disaster missions close to home. The Doak Table is a clear product solution for managing any large surgical need where patient volume, speed and portability are critical. Land, sea, or air, every Doak Table is well-appointed with multiple high-performance features engineered to accommodate any critical environment.

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