Water Heater

 (P/N: 111739B, NSN: 4520-01-493-7423)

The FDI Water Heater is designed to ensure that water supply systems do not freeze in cold environments, which is a strong possibility when considering the difficult and often extreme conditions of a military field hospital. Water from the main supply is pumped through the heater, passing through an electrical heat exchanger. An internal thermostat controls the resistance heating elements to prevent over-heating and over-pressurizing the tank if the water flow is too low.

Though designed for use in military field hospitals, the water heater is useful in a variety of settings where in-line water heating is required.


Quick Facts:
  • Easy to install, maintain, and use
  • Prevents circulating water supplies from freezing in cold environments
  • Uses 1.5-inch Cam-and-Groove hose fittings for fast and secure connections
  • Internal controls prevent over-heating or over-pressurization
  • Local on/off switch for safe connection and operation
  • Includes Mil-Spec Class L connecting plug
  • Light-weight, all-welded aluminum alloy powder-coated frame
  • Incorporates a pressure safety valve in case of over-pressure
  • Works inline with the FDI Potable Water & Wastewater Management System
Water Heater