Potable Water Pump

(P/N: WS715901B, NSN: 4320-01-440-4421)
(ECAT Contract #: SPE2DH-22-D-0016)

Sterile Water For Disaster Relief

The FDI Potable Water Pump, designed for use in military field hospitals, is also helpful in various settings where water circulation is required. It is easy to install, use, and maintain for rapid and sustained deployment.

The pump pulls potable water from the main collection unit (such as a collapsible water bladder) and circulates the water through a network of hoses to various points of need, providing pressurized water throughout a facility.

To see how the Water Pump can be used in conjunction with larger water systems, please click the link for more information on our Water Distribution Systems.

Quick Facts:
  • Cam-lock fittings provide fast, secure connections
  • 40-foot electrical cord provides flexibility to position the pump wherever it is needed
  • Local start/stop switch allows for safe connection and operation
  • Includes Mil-Spec Class L connecting plug
  • Light-weight, all-welded aluminum alloy powder-coated frame